Lancaster County isn’t all cornfields. The City of Lancaster is a great place to enjoy the arts, have a great meal and much more.

This past Saturday I took part in a mentoring program offered through a photography group that I am a part of. The Lancaster County Photographer’s group created an event where more experienced photographers would mentor those wanting guidance or just a good time. We strolled through Lancaster City in small groups trying to avoid the rain but it was inevitable we got a little wet. On the flip side, the rain definitely added a nice element to some of the scenes. All in all it was a great time and I walked away with some images I’m happy with. The above image is my favorite from the day. You can view/purchase it on my photos page, or view the entire gallery of images.

[one_third]The group has near 800 members and meets every first Thursday of the month at Millersville University. There are also various events planned throughout the year going to different areas or events mainly in the south central PA area but also traveling as far as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Membership is entirely free all you need to do is create an account at and join the group. The group also has an annual scavenger hunt and a hoilday party at the end of the year. This past winter a photo book of top voted images (2 per member) were put together in a book offered in paperback or hardcover. I was lucky enough to have my photo, “The Grid”, chosen for the cover. I was surprised and honored when I was told of their choice.

Since becoming involved in the group last July I have definitely picked up a tip or 2 (actually that is a lie, i can’t count the number of things that I have learned thus far). Don’t be intimated because all levels of photographers are welcome. The 800 members are not all active as the core group. For instance there were approximately 50 people who attended the last monthly meetup. If you are interested in photography or want to learn more I highly suggest becoming a member.[/one_third][two_third_last]Photo-Book

The Grid, not from Lancaster City


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