Millersville University

The other day we had a heavy dose of early December snow here in Lancaster, PA. I took a stroll through the campus of Millersville University to capture some scenes of the winter wonderland that the students were enduring throughout their final exam week. One spot I made sure to visit was the swan pond. Since the mid 1960s the swans have been a trademark of the University. The tradition has continued through the decades with the newest set introduced to the campus in 2007. Miller and S’ville stick it out throughout the winter months but unfortunately did not want to leave a spot located under the one foot bridge. I had to make a quick stop at a campus convenience store to grab a bag of popcorn which lured them out in no time at all! I really think the white swans in the water made a great subject with the rest of the surrounding area covered in snow. The pond in which the swans are pictured was not frozen however the other half of the pond was frozen and a photo of that scene is also below. I also walked over to the Biemesderfer Center which is the office for the current Millersville University president, Dr. John M. Anderson. After hitting the two spots that I originally planned to visit I strolled around some other areas of campus to see what else looked interesting. I hope you enjoy them! Just a reminder the above photo and the rest of the ones below are available for sale on my photos page in the Millersville University gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

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